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Na Opio 2014 - 2015 season Starting
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Nov 03, 2014
1:14 AM
We will be starting practices for our returning as well as any new youth paddlers. For new paddlers please download HCRA and Keahiakahoe club forms and turn them in on the first day you plan to practice with us. For all 2014 returning paddlers you will not need to turn in another HCRA until December 31. As we start the 2015 year everyone will be required to fill out and turn in a 2015 HCRA waiver. All dues must be paid on first day of practice.
OIA paddlers - $25.00 (9th-12th graders)
Na Opio. Paddlers - $60.00 (4th-12th grade)
If you're doing both seasons - $80.00

Na Opio paddlers will start on Monday 11/17/14 @ 4:00 Kahaluu Halau

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