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Keahiakahoe Canoe Club is located in Kahalu’u on the beautiful Windward side of the island of O’ahu.  The club was established in 1995 by Stan Dickson with the help of a few dedicated paddlers.  Respected Hawaiian cultural specialist Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett’s guidance provided the club with an identity and the name.  He is also instrumental in the naming of club canoes. Keahiakahoe is literally translated as “The Fire of the Paddle.”  Another translation that is derived from the name Keahiakahoe is “Paddling fast or fiercely.”

Seeking a club logo that would represent his vision of a Hawaiian quilt design, Stan was able to make a connection with renowned Hawaiian quilt designer, consultant and cultural artist John Serrao of Poakalani Designs.  John Serrao willingly agreed to design the logo with the stipulation that Stan attend his 4 week quilting workshop held at the Queen Emma Summer Palace in Nu’uanu.  Upon completion of the workshop John began questioning Stan about the club and his vision.  As they were conversing, John began drawing a design that was born from their conversation.  He handed the paper that he was drawing the design on and instructed Stan to “cut this out along the lines.”  When Stan unfolded the design he was struck by the beautiful intricate new logo for the club.  The logo is a Hawaiian quilt pattern quality that has four paddles surrounded by ferns.  The four paddles are shaped to represent a cross signifying that everything starts with God.  The four paddle arrangement in the design symbolizes the elements of the earth, water, air and fire which are all necessary to sustain life. The paddles are surrounded with ferns and fire. The fern represents the elements of earth and water that are necessary to sustain the life of the plant while the fire represents air. All elements together relates to the translation of the club name Keahiakahoe.


We at Keahiakahoe extend our heartfelt Mahalo to Frank Kawiakapuokalani Hewett and John Serrao for their contribution to our club.

Pu'u-ke-ahi-a-Kahoe. Cliff, Kane'ohe, O'ahu, that overlooks Kamana Nui and Kamana Iki valleys. Lit. the fire of Ka-hoe Hill. (Ka-hoe lived inland and traded vegetables for fish from his brother who lived by the sea. Beacuse his brother was stingy, Ka-hoe in retaliation cooked his vegetables in a cave; the smoke went out the other end, and so when people came looking at the smoky end, he could hide his vegetables [From Place Names of Hawai'i by Mary Kawena Pukui, Samule Elbert & Esther Mo'okini.]


With in the last few years, the club has added some new canoes to the fleet including a few new Bradley Racers and OC Mirages. Check out the refurbishments done to the old Malias as well.

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